Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Providing support to numerous children with disabilities through increased accessibility of rehabilitation treatments, and allowing them to grow up benefiting from the careful concern of their community

  • Project duration: Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2020
  • Beneficiary: 638 children with disabilities in Quang Tri, families and personnel of the public health sector
  • Project Region: Quang Tri province, Vietnam
  • Background: Vietnam is exhibiting a widening gap in levels of health between the various classes and regions. A number of residents in rural areas who live with relatively low income levels have difficulty getting access to health care benefits because the majority of the health infrastructure is concentrated in major cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
    In particular, the Quang Tri province is suffering from long-term effects of exposure to defoliants called Agent Orange released during the Vietnam War. The chemicals caused a high rate of children with disabilities. Despite this, children with disabilities in Quang Tri hardly have a chance to get the proper treatment they need because most of the rehabilitation facilities and services are located in the major cities. There are around 1,800 children with disabilities in that area. However, the local Quang Tri provincial government can only afford to provide care for less than 30% of them.
    To reduce the proportion of children with disabilities excluded from rehabilitation treatment in Quang Tri province, Medipeace has conducted a project aimed at increasing treatment accessibility and strengthening the local community’s capacity to provide rehabilitation services in association with local interested parties since 2012.  
  • Goals
    - To reduce the proportion of excluded children with disabilities in regard to medical treatments, and to localize rehabilitation treatment systems
    - To achieve overall quality improvements for rehabilitation treatment and sustainability
  • Activities
    - Support for the Rehabilitation Education program for the parents of children with disabilities
    - Conduction of a Home Visiting program with help from local therapists and officials
    - Implementing a Rehabilitation Training program for local experts and the assistants
    - Establishing a database management system with local authorities
    - Supporting rehabilitation centers and assistive devices
    - Establishing new day care centers
    - Rebuilding and remodeling housing for children with disabilities and their families dealing with poverty (since 2017)
    - Implementation of the Inclusive Education program (2018 on)
    - Implementation of Awareness Improvement program for the community
  • What we expect to achieve
    - Improved access to the rehabilitation system for children with disabilities, and increased overall quantity and quality of rehabilitation treatments in association with local authorities
    - Assured localization and sustainability of the project through activation of a Community-Based Rehabilitation Coordination Committee composed of local authorities such as the Department of Labor-Invalids and Social Affairs, and the People’s committee
    - Fundamental solutions on social exclusion, which give rise to integration and economic development of communities
  • Who we work with
    - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea
    - Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
    - Quang Tri People’s Committee, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Health, Department of Labor–Invalids and Social Affairs
    - District People’s Committee, Quang Tri General Hospital, District hospitals and health centers
    - Local NGOs (MCNV, QCA, VNAH)
    - Local DPOs (Agent Orange Settlement Fund, Children with Disabilities Fund, United Associations of Charity Funds in Quang Tri Province)
    - Quang Tri Medical College, School for children with disabilities, Da Nang University of Foreign Languages


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