Capacity Building at the El Alto Korean Hospital in Bolivia

PMC service for the 3rd support project of El Alto Korean Hospital in Bolivia

Promoting health of residents through strengthening the role of the local hospital

  • Project Period: March 2016 to January 2019
  • Beneficiary: Residents of El Alto, Bolivia
  • Target Area: Bolivia El Alto City
  • Project background: El Alto, Bolivia has a poor quality of medical care due to the lack of qualified professional medical personnel and infrastructure. In 1998, El Alto Korea Hospital was established with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as a second level public hospital, and it is responsible for the health of El Alto residents.
    However, due to population increase, the need of health service has been beyond the capacity of the hospital. In addition, although it is classified as a second level hospital in terms of function, a wide range of medical activities are carried out from basic services to advanced medical services.
  • Project Goals
    - To establish an environment to provide high-quality medical service through a build up of the infrastructure
    - To strengthen hospital management and operation ability
    - To enhance the recognition level of hospital medical personnel on the medical delivery system
    - To improve the general health status and maternal and child health indicators of the residents
  • Activities
    - Constructing an out-patient room and an emergency department in El Alto Korea Hospital
    - Strengthening medical personnel capacity (oversea training from South Korea)
    - Supporting medical equipment and furniture
    - Establishing hospital operation protocol
  • Expected outcome: We will have established an efficient medical delivery system by improving the infrastructure of El Alto Korea Hospital, strengthening the capacity of the medical personnel, establishing the hospital operation protocol, and monitoring and evaluating the process. In addition, by improving quality of health care services, we provide better health care services to the residents, ultimately contributing to improve the overall health status of the local population.
  • Partner Organizations
    - Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
    - WHO / PAHO (Pan American Health Organization)
    - Aum & Lee Architects & Associates
    - Bolivian La Paz Province Ministry of Health (SEDES)
    - Bolivia El Alto Municipal Health Department (SERES)
    - El Alto City (GAMEA)
    - Korea Hospital (Hospital Corea)


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