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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Medipeace a faith-based organization? / Can I participate in overseas missions?

Medipeace is a non-religious organization, and as such we aim at working together to eliminate health inequity in places with poor access to healthcare based on universal philanthropic and humanitarian values, and not on the beliefs of a certain religion. On this account, Medipeace does not organize volunteer work or medical volunteering with religious purposes.

Q.  Does Medipeace offer child sponsorship programs?

Medipeace strives to bring fundamental and sustainable changes through strengthening local health systems, and to spread the culture of ethical and responsible giving. Based on the belief that soliciting donations by exposing individual children's personal information is detrimental to achieving these goals, Medipeace does not arrange child sponsorship programs nor accept donations intended for a single specific child.

Q. How can I become a member of the staff?

Medipeace is always looking for talented individuals to work with the team. If you are passionate about global health and humanitarian activities and looking for career opportunities, please contact us via email at 


Q  Is Medipeace a governmental/UN body?

Medipeace is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, established by citizens wishing to contribute to solving the problem of health inequity worldwide. As a NGO/NPO registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, and an affiliate organization of the UNDPI, Medipeace implements projects in collaboration with governmental bodies and other international agencies.

* For information about donations, please refer to our 'Donate' page.

Hand in hand, we can make 
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TEL : +82-2-2068-4679 ㅣ FAX : +82-2-6008-4079 ㅣ E-mail:

#401, 30, Digital-ro 32-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 08390

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Hand in hand, 
we can make 
accessible healthcare possible for everyone. 

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