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Your support means better health centers and hospitals.

We help strengthen the roles and capacities of health centers and hospitals, and promote the importance of health care through visiting health facilities among local community members in areas with poor access to basic health services.

Your support helps babies make it to their first birthday.

We help improve the infection control system and policies in local health facilities and support local health workers in building their capacity in infection control to protect newborns from losing their lives to preventable disease before their first birthday.

Your support means disabled children meeting the world for the first time.

We help train local rehabilitation specialists and support the operation of community rehabilitation facilities in order to ensure that children who were born with disabilities as a result of exposure to defoliants can receive rehabilitation treatment suited to their individual needs.


Extraordinary changes created by
the support from ordinary people

Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Rehabilitation support and improvement of living conditions for children with disabilities

407 parents of children with disabilities received education on at-home rehabilitation therapy. 161 local rehabilitation therapists participated in refresher training courses. The total number of children with disabilities in the project region who received rehabilitation therapy increased by 140%.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Infection prevention and control for maternal-child health

4,378 new mothers received postpartum education on neonatal care. 16,684 home infection prevention kits were distributed.13  local health workers received training on infection control. 100 sick newborn babies were tested for sepsis and received antibiotic treatment.

Eastern Highlands & Central Prov., PNG

Community health system strengthening

849,851 residents of Kwikila and Asaro districts gained access to quality healthcare services through the construction of two new health centers. The number of outpatient visits per 10,000 people increased by 82%, and number of outpatient visits per 1,000 people increased by 100%.

Dhading District, Nepal

Psychological support and basic health services for children affected by the earthquake

6,656 child earthquake victims received health and hygiene education.  9,019 children received basic health exams, and 3,068 children received psychological consultation and disaster & emergency preparedness training.

Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Physiotherapy education capacity building support at Quang Tri Medical College

Quang Tri Medical College was provided with 7 types of physiotherapy education equipment and a practical training area. 17 students from Quang Tri Medical College obtained licenses in physiotherapy. 18 local health workers obtained assistant physiotherapist licenses. 

Iloilo Province, Philippines

Provision of ambulances and EMS strengthening support 

Six health facilities in Iloilo province received ambulances equipped with 30 different types of essential emergency medical supplies. 36 physicians and nurses from 12 hospitals in the province received training on resuscitation. 

* All statistics are valid as of December, 2016.

후원이 만드는 변화

당신의 후원금이 함께라면 

우리는 더 큰 변화를 만들 수 있습니다

후원으로 보건소와 병원을 움직입니다

기초 보건의료 서비스에 대한 접근성이 떨어지는 지역에서 보건소와 병원의 기능과 역량을 강화하고 환경을 개선하며 주민들에게 의료시설 방문을 통한 건강관리의 중요성을 알립니다.

후원으로 아기들에게 첫 생일을 선물합니다 

예방 가능한 감염 질환으로 첫 생일을 맞이하지 못하는 

신생아들을 위해 병원의 감염관리 정책과 체계를 개선하고 의료진의 역량을 강화합니다.

후원금은 장애의 벽을 허뭅니다

고엽제 피해로 선천성 장애를 가지고 살아가는 장애아동들이 적절한 재활치료를 받을 수 있도록 지역사회 

재활 인력의 역량을 강화하며 재활 시설의 운영을 지원하고 환경을 개선합니다.


Every amount spent is proven as it is.

77% of the entire expenditure 
for the 2018 fiscal year went to programs to protect the right to health for those 
with poor access 
to healthcare.


예산 집행 내역, 가감 없이 공개합니다

2017년 총 지출금의 80%가 보건의료 소외계층의 건강할 권리를 위해 사용됐습니다. 아래 버튼을 클릭하시면더 자세한 사용내역을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

당신의 후원으로 
더 튼튼한 조직이 되어  
더 많은 아픈 이웃들에게
다가갈 수 있습니다

Your support allows us 

to become a stronger team 

capable of reaching out to 

more people in need of health.


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