Our past footsteps


Our marks from the very beginning


2001  Foundation of a medical cooperation team under Peace Asia

2007  Medical tour and oriental medicine support in Primorskiy Krai, Russia

2008  Dentures support program for elderly Koreans (Koryo-saram) in Primorskiy Krai, Russia 


Jan   Launching of Good Lectures series

Feb  Registration as an incorporated association under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROK

Mar  First meeting of the board of directors

Sep  Given status of designated donation organization


Feb  Emergency relief in Haiti

Mar  Baseline research on maternal-child health in Tanzania

Jul  Medical camp in Jilin Province, China

Aug  Registration as a non-profit civil organization

Sep  Expert training course on international disaster response


Jan  Medical camp in Vietnam

Feb  Registered as member of the UN Global Compact Network Korea

Jun  Selected for the community health system strengthening project in Papua New Guinea (KOICA)

Dec  Selected for the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development project


Feb  MOU signing with Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health (formerly Refugee and Disaster Response)

Apr  Registered at UN DPI

Aug  Construction of therapy space in Gio Hai village, Vietnam

Nov  Emergency relief for earthquake victims in Myanmar


Jan  Emergency relief activities in the Gaza strip, Palestine

Apr  Selected for the community health system strengthening project basic design study in Iloilo Province, Philippines (KOICA)

May  Selected for the inclusive health support project for left behind children in Heilongjiang Province, China

Oct  Foundation of the International Institute of Health


Feb  Start of the Infection Control in Maternal-Child Health in Mwananyamala Hospital, Tanzania

Sep  Joined the Global Fund Advocated Network

Oct  Selected for the Physiotherapy education capacity building project in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Nov  Foundation of the Medipeace Neglected Tropical Diseases Center


Apr  Start of the Community Health System Strengthening through Maternal-Child Health Project in Iloilo Province, Philippines

May  Emergency relief activities in Nepal

Jul  Awarded by the People's Committee of Quang Tri Province for best program for support for the extremely poor

Nov  Start of the Integrated School Health Project in Dhading District, Nepal


Jan  Start of the Water Sanitation Improvement Project in Central Senegal

Mar  Start of the Korean Hospital support project in El Alto, Bolivia


Feb  Medipeace-Daegu Hany University field study in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

Mar Newsletter and hand washing monitoring team was launched at the Muwananamala Hospital in Tanzania.

Apr 16th DAK TALK Forum: Community-centered rehabilitation and comprehensive development cooperation for disability.

Workstation creation for the establishment of an infection monitoring system in Muwananamala Hospital, Tanzania.

May Selection and commencement of two projects in the project health field for post-evaluation projects.


May  Selected for the Paraguay project

Jun 100 sanitation cities were set up in Darabos, Kaolak, Senegal

Jul Announces Revision of Tanzania's National Infection Control Guidelines 

Aug Tanzania Maternal Vaccination Forum Held

Oct Expert workshops and community hygiene education were held in central Senegal to strengthen drinking water hygiene capabilities

Nov Seoul National University Hospital to support domestic surgery for children from poor families in Iloilo, Philippines

Dec Support for two ambulances in Iloilo, Philippines, and improvement of two school health centers.


Jan Field Study, Vietnam (Daegu University of Oriental Medicine)

Feb Medipeace 10th anniversary celebration. 

Publication of two types of general books to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its foundation, <Korea's International Health> and <NGO International Activist Road>

Jul Medipeace Overseas Volunteer Camp Held in Quangzi Province, Vietnam

Dec Youth Global Leadership Camp


Support for COVID-19 Medical Staff, including items like ice vests provided by Hyundai Mobis



Touch Project (Comprehensive Psychological Assessment and Counseling Support for COVID-19 Medical Staff)



·Start of the Commencement of National Public Health Laboratory Strengthening Project in Senegal(~2026)

· Initiation of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center Establishment Project for People with Disabilities in Quang Tri, Vietnam(~2026)

· Initiation of Sustainable Maternal and Newborn Infectious Disease Management System Establishment Project at Chanika Hospital in Tanzania(~2024)

· Initiation of Psychological Support Services Project for Improving the Quality of Life of Mothers of Children with Disabilities in Quang Tri, Vietnam(~2024)

· Support for the Lives of Uljin Forest Fire Victims



Initiation of Diaper Donation Project for Low-Income Elderly Individuals in Korea


Treating individuals 
saves lives.
Building health systems

saves whole communities.

Treating individuals saves lives.
Building health systems saves
whole communities.


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