Goal-oriented. Result-based. Scientific.

연구조사 활동

보다 효율적인 국제보건 사업을 위해
전문적인 사전조사와 M&E 및
 컨설팅을 실시합니다

세미나 및 심포지엄

지구촌 건강문제와 대응방안을 모색하기 위한 세미나를 개최합니다. 연대를 통한 효율적인 접근과 정보의 교류, 그리고 시민들의 인지 강화를 위해 심포지엄을 갖습니다.

모니터링 및 평가

사업의 계획대로 잘 진행되고 있는지 검토하고 체계적인 정보 수집과 환경 변화에 대한 판단 및 분석을 수행합니다.

타당성 분석

국제개발 사업의 타당성 및 지속성 등을 검토하고, 경제 분석, 제도 분석, 조직 및 관리 분석, 환경 분석, 사회적 분석을 수행합니다.

Thorough research and evaluation is the basis of all projects.

Meticulous baseline study leads to project efficiency. The only way to reduce trial and error in the implementation process is to prepare thoroughly. Before any intervention, we go through a realistic analysis of what changes a community needs and what is required to bring those changes in order to draw up a strategy to achieve the intended results.

Objective monitoring and evaluation ensures accountability for project results. Good intentions don't mean anything if they bring bad results. For Medipeace, being professional and transparent is synonymous with making tangible results, taking responsibility, and sharing the entire process with the civil society. 

Affiliate research organizations
make sure that we deliver results

International Institute of Health 

The International Institute of Health is a society of pro bono scholars that contribute to global health through international academic cooperation and research activities.

Neglected Tropical Diseases Center

The Neglected Tropical Diseases Center raises awareness  on infectious diseases especially common in low-income regions with tropical climates, and research ways to reduce them.

Expert baseline studies, M&E and consulting
for more effective global health projects


We bring results that speak for themselves

Field focused

We research and analyze each project field's socio-cultural specifics to ensure that the project is effective.

Scientific & systemic

We create credible results through scientific 
and systemic research.

개인을 살리는 치료를 넘어서
지역을 살리는 체계를 만듭니다.

Treating individuals saves lives.
Building health systems saves
whole communities.


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